Protecting the Environment Since 1946

The Komline Group designs, engineers, and manufactures processing and filtration solutions, from small machines to large, integrated systems. It has a worldwide reputation for quality equipment, which continues to perform for customers decades after installation.

Since 1946, Komline has provided the highest quality equipment for applications, including drying, wastewater treatment, and sludge pumping and processing. Komline and its subsidiaries supply equipment to a diverse group of customers worldwide, including municipal wastewater utilities, electric power utilities, and a broad range of industrial clients.


Founded in 1946 by Thomas Komline and Wally Sanderson, Komline-Sanderson’s first product was the Coilfilter. This vacuum filter was the industry standard for sludge dewatering for many years and drove the company to innovate new solutions for the wastewater treatment industry, including the RotoKone® high-rate drainage system and the effective and durable plunger pump.

As these solutions were applied to new industries, new solutions were needed, including spray drying and atomizing, which proved to be an effective way to desulfurize flue gas. The paddle dryer for thermal processing applications, including drying biosolids, was added to expand the company’s stable of processing solutions. In 2021, Komline-Sanderson expanded its customer footprint by acquiring Barnes International, Harn R/O Systems, AquaShield Inc., and The Haselden Company. This brought the Komline Group into the coolant filtration, reverse osmosis, stormwater, and beverage process industries.

Further expansions were made through acquiring FluidQuip, a corn wet milling equipment manufacturer, and Wyssmont, with its flagship Turbo-Dryer® to expand Komline’s drying solutions.

Manufacturing & Service

The Komline Group operates eight manufacturing locations across the United States. At each facility, skilled welders, fabricators, and machinists work hand-in-hand with Komline’s engineers to ensure the final product meets the customer’s expectations and specifications.

Komline’s integrated manufacturing facilities are located in Venice, FL; Rockford, IL; Sparta, NJ; Peapack, NJ; Bowling Green, OH; Springfield, OH; and Charleston, SC. In addition to its own manufacturing facilities, the Komline Group utilizes company-certified fabricators for the manufacture of components and equipment worldwide.

The Komline Group also has experienced service and installation technicians who work closely with the company’s design and process engineering teams to ensure that equipment performs as designed every time the customer turns it on.